Project Information


CVON-AI, is a consortium involving 12 partners, established with the support of 5 previously established CVON consortia, all working with big-data sets. The CVON-AI project will build a generic AI cloud platform to catalyse the application of artificial intelligence (AI) by Dutch scientists as additional strategy to find novel solutions to questions in the already existing CVON consortia. CVON-AI will focus on finding solutions for early recognition and diagnosis of heart disease, and proof their innovativeness in real-life to directly improve patientcare.

Ageing and unhealthy lifestyle are driving the 50% increase of the Dutch cardiovascular disease burden in the next 25 years. The Dutch Heart Foundation has established CVON research consortia tackling prioritised clinical research topics. Success of these CVON consortia is key to mitigate the cardiovascular disease burden. Many CVON consortia are collecting sets of big datasets but are relying on traditional analyses to find solutions to their questions.

Evidence is appearing all around us that Machine Learning or AI can outperform the human brain and traditional scientific analysis strategies. Despite these enormous successes in other fields, very limited explorations of AI have been made to tackle important cardiovascular research questions. CVON-AI will alleviate this underuse of emerging technology.